May 2011

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Dear friends,

 The Biblical Club for children and the Malagasy language

    We have been praying for a new evangelical project among children for months. We have shared it with the minister & his wife. There is a need in Antsirabe for French speaking children. Our vision is to hold a Biblical Club with some children from our church & some from our neighborhood. We have already started that activity a month ago. And I (Hasy) realize that I have to rely on the Lord entirely for that work- moreover that is another occasion for my deepening intimacy with God.

    The children have a good time around the Word with songs, D. I. Y., & games. Actually we hope of organizing another Biblical club in Malagasy for another kind of people. That leads us to our Malagasy’s progresses chapter. We keep on having courses, and our goal is to present the gospel plainly in July 2011. But for now we have to practice more & more to develop our speaking Malagasy in a fluent way. For July & August I hope to keep on having that club but with a different frequency & different schedule.

Our children


    Jeremie and Fiderana have got involved in the children church activity which is proposed during the service.Jeremie speaks a little in Malagasy and hopes to understand better- it will happen. He is still fond of drawing & playing foot-ball! At the moment children at school play with “elastiques”. They try to make up « Eiffel Tower, stars, etc. ».

     Fiderana speaks much more, he still lacks some sounds but he goes well. He is also fond of drawing & brings back from school books almost every day.

    Zacharie is 16 month, & he says few little words, such as : “sotscho!” to mean  “ thank you” in Malagasy (actually it is spelled “misaotra ô!”), “padon” to mean “pardon”,  « à …tot ! » to mean « see you soon !» … it is so pleasant to see that he wants to participate to our conversation.


Here are other subjects of prayer : 


Children’s Biblical Club during the holidays (July & August): we have to decide the frequency & the form

Our church ‘s integration: to keep on getting to know our church’s members, & being involved to the  church’s activities

-  The church’s young people: to officialize Alex’s responsabilities-   Julio & Rohy’s preparation to their wedding: as we did not have any (10 years ago), it is also a good thing for us

- Gody & Fanja : to keep on helping that couple who lost one child that late December-  The English Club: evangelization & edification place, which is not very well frequented

- The Seminar’s courses, which Alex gives. The last trimester has just started & will end in a month! Alex is glad to see his students’ progresses, & he hopes that his teachings will help them in their future ministry.

Here were some news; we will be glad to receive in June Jean Salmeron- SIM France present leader & Alain Soudrain –the former one. We pray that God bless you wherever you are.

Love to you

The LÊ family


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