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HOW & WHY GOD DID SAVE ME (my new-birth day = it is 17 years since God saved me< I am 34 today)

When I was still in my teens, I was unhappy & sad. I kept finding the meaning of my life through sports & intense experiences! My mother, who was born again when I was twelve, could not stop urging me to give my life to Jesus before I die. And it is what I planned to do just before dying. So I prayed God to save me & to grant me a new life as His servant – that was in car that had just crashed!!!

Though I prayed Jesus Christ to save me from that car accident, he let me “sleep” for about 4 months – as I was in a coma. But during all that time, His Holy Spirit was on me & prevented me from dying. God performed miracles in my body: he healed me from a semi paralysis, from mutism (I was unable to speak for 8 months), from a “heart fracture”, etc… Meanwhile I am so glad to say that more than all those miracles in my body, I thank Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins. Now I know that when I die I will be forever in His presence.

Our Lord granted me to pass my A-level, to go to university & eventually to pass a Bachelor of Theology in Switzerland. I have noticed that the more I served him the more he blessed me! Actually since he gave me a new birth trough His Spirit I can’t stop speaking of his love everywhere I go. Up until now I have been sharing my testimony in 8 different countries! Moreover he gave me a family with three boys!!! I am so thankful, blessed be His name!

We have been in Mission here in Madagascar for 3 years. My wife & I have taught the Word of God in a school of Tana for 1 year & ½, to pupils aged 6 to 18. We are now involved in our local church of Antsirabe in the Youth ministry, we are taking care of Children Biblical Club, we have just started to give a teaching aimed at young couples & I teach English at the Baptist Biblical Seminary
We give thanks to the Lord for his calling us to serve him, & we wish to give him glory in every thing


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