Febuary 2011

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Dear friends,

« Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know » Jeremiah 33.3

I have read something concerning prayer and faith, which seized me : “ It is essential when someone prays that his faith in the way God will answer be unshakeable” Cynthia Heald, Becoming A Woman of Prayer. God invites us to pray and to maintain an intimate relationship with him; He is the one who teaches us how to pray and to have faith in him.

We greet you in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus-Christ. We believe that though the distance between us- each of us in the place in which he lives- has kept experiencing God’s grace. We thank you who write to us & pray for us. By the way please note our new postal address, and you can go and see our new blog (adress below) 

During those past months, we have been through different steps, which underlined on the one hand God’ sovereignty and his love for his children. The different titles are also the subjects of prayer we would like you to pray for.

Death in our church

Our local church had to go through a great hardship this late December: the 5-year-old boy of our Malagasy teacher –Fanja- died all of a sudden. Following  a fall that seemed to be of no real consequences, he was led to hospital. The medical staff there seemed not to have done a good diagnosis in time – it was an internal bleeding. It was a real shock for everyone. The parents made the funerals out of courage, as they gave the testimony of what had been their boy’s life, they encouraged each one of us to be ready to God’s calling back us to him. Eventually death is no age question.

Fanja is still very moved, and according to days, needs to be surrounded. Hasy has proposed her to help her in her path during her bereavement. Both of them have time together each week to pray & study the Bible.


We received during 4 weeks, Sandratra & his mum. They came for thermal cares here in Antsirabe in January. He is a 32-year-old young man, who had a car crash 4 years ago. Alex thought of himself when he had the same handicaps 16 years ago! Sandratra can not walk properly on his own, he is hemiplegic (right side), & he is mute. The Youth group came at our home to encourage him. As for Alex, he received the Lord after his accident.

But it seems that his path till he recovers his autonomy is long- may be because of the lack of proper cares, they cost so much here !

Preparation to wedding for engaged people

 We have just begun to follow a young church couple, who plans to marry in September. It is at the same time a challenge & a privilege for us ! They both feel so happy to be led in their preparation to their wedding. We thank you for your prayers to them & to us .

The English Club

Alex is part of our boys School Council this year. During a meeting, he reminded the importance of trusting God when we are in troubles. You can easily imagine that more than one person was surprised, for the school is a lay one. Meanwhile, after that meeting, a     Catholic mum, who is member too came to Alex to tell him that what he said deeply moved her. Then after few weeks, she asked Alex to hold an English club at hers. Since then Alex started that English club as he makes Bile study at hers.

Malagasy progression

We keep on studying Malagasy twice a week with our teacher-Fanja. She said that in 6 months we could get our goal, which is preaching the gospel easily. We still need perseverance!

Biblical Seminary

Alex’s teaching English ministry at the Biblical Seminary allows students an original approach to English, for they  study a biblical text in English and then practice as they discuss in English. They can do that thanks to watching English DVDs.

But Alex had to give up his work in the “Bibliothèque”. Actually the physical work implied by that did not fit to him – due to the consequences of the car crash of 1994.


As long as the Youth of the church is concerned, there is a new orientation. They now often visit families- at least once a month! That allow to know better the church members. Moreover the families’ testimonies is also encouraging to them. Alex is well in that group : he gives biblical studies, teachings & animates games.

The boys

Jérémie, Fiderana et Zacharie are very well. Right now they are on holidays- February holidays. And we are so happy to see them at home all day long. There is much noise but we do not often go out because of the cyclons. Jérémie speaks more & more in Malagasy. Fiderana : we have to know in which language in speaks for his speech is often “special”. Zacharie tries to play with his brothers’toys: knight’s sword, duplo, balls, bike, society games, … we have lots of fun!

                We bless the Lord’s name for his help at every moment ! 2011 has well started, and he has helped us to face various difficult situations, as well as giving us zeal to work to his coming kingdom. We still need to find our place in the ministry, but our hearts rise up to him to give him back the glory!

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